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 STEPS/Living Streets 20th Anniversary

On May 24th we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary with an evening "do" at Les Cotils.  Please save this date and we will be giving more information later.  We celebrated our new charity on that date when Belisha Beacon stilt walkers walked through Town giving out balloons to children on 24th May 2002.

Pat and Ian Rabey

Government House Charity Fayre

Thank you to everyone who visited our stall on Saturday 26th June and purchased some of our cards and calendars.  In spite of the weather deteriorating in the last two hours we raised a good sum of money to put towards the Baubigny Schools pathway.  We will be back at Sausmarez Manor next Saturday morning - 9am til 12 noon. 


Living Streets convened a large meeting at Moores Hotel on May 18th 2021 to talk about road safety.  Attending were representatives of the Police, Ambulance service, Traffic and Highways, CT Plus, Guernsey Bicycle Group, Health Improvement Commission, Guernsey Motor Traders Association, Torteval Douzaine, Education Department as well as Living Streets committee members.  The Guernsey Press attended and took a photo and gave us a full page in the Press on 21st May.  The outcome of the meeting was a decision to form an Alliance to highlight road safety issues. 

The Guernsey Press has agreed to feature a road safety item in their monthly "Drive" supplement.  One issue that we want to highlight is reminding pedestrians that if there isn't a pavement they should walk on the right hand side of the road facing the traffic.  However if there is a blind bend they should cross the road carefully and then cross back after the bend.

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 Guernsey Country Walks 2019 Calendar is out!

Living Streets has launched its new 2019 calendar which will be in the shops on 27th March.  Each month has a sketch map of a country walk which uses mainly lanes and green lanes and takes around an hour.  The photo has been taken on the walk. 

Calendars will be in most card outlets such as the Coach House Gallery, The Tapestry Gallery in St. James, Beekers on the Bridge, Le Tricoteur at Rocquaine,  Lexicon, the Press and Guernsey Post in Town.  Also Goodies at the Manor Stores in St Martin, Cadeaux at Cobo and Smilers at Vazon.

BDO staff with Chair of Living Streets Tom Le Pelley

Bright Day 20th October 2017

Bright Day this year raised £655 thanks to three organisations that took part - States of Guernsey head office, Frossard House, BDO and Butterfield Bank. Bright Day aims to highlight the dangers of walking or cycling at night wearing dark clothes.  Everyone needs to brighten up so that motorists can see them clearly on Guernsey's narrow roads. 

Specsavers in Market Square also donated £500.  All the funds are used to purchase high visibility vests which we give out during Road Safety Week.  We will be in the Pop Up shop in Smith Street from Monday to Saturday 10am til 4pm.  Vests will be available on a first come first served basis.  This year we will, again, have 500 children's vests donated by Specsavers so make sure your children are safe when walking or cycling to school. 

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Tom and Fergus at L'Eree

Living Streets teams up with Bus Users Guernsey 

Living Streets has joined up with the Bus Users Guernsey (BUG) again this year to promote National Walking Month which is organised by Living Streets UK.  We are encouraging commuters to consider either walking to work during May if they live within a mile of their workplace, or walking to the nearest bus stop and taking the bus - what we call "Stride and Ride". 

Businesses are being encouraged to take part in week one of May, Civil Servants and deputies in week 2.  Week 3 is Walk to School Week and 7 primary schools are taking part - organised by the Active Travel Unit in Environment.  Week 3 is also a States meeting week and we hope that deputies might consider walking or bussing to the States Chamber. 

Week 4 is the emphasis on "Stride and Ride".  Sixty-one buses arrive in Town before 9am every morning - we hope that commuters might check out the bus timetable and consider trying the bus.  This week will also coincide with the delivery of the new buses so it's an opportunity to try them out. 

We launched the campaign yesterday, 27th April, and we really do hope that everyone will take advantage of the lovely spring weather and dust off their walking shoes next month. 

click here to download a map showing a one mile radius of the Town centre - 20 minutes walking distance

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The lovely hamlet Le Variouf in the Foresst

 HSSD's Weight Wise Week - Monday 12th January - Emma Ferbrache Room

Living Streets has been invited to take part in this year's Weight Wise Week.  We will be joining the Health Promotion Unit in promoting the health benefits of walking.  Available will be our "Guernsey Country Walks" greeting cards - each of which includes a sketch map of a walk lasting about one hour.  In addition we will have leaflets about safe walking in Guernsey.  Dates and times are:

Monday 12 January 8am - 12.30; Tuesday 13th 12noon - 7pm; Wednesday 14th 5pm - 9pm;                  Friday 16th 8am - 2pm



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Pat Wisher and Tom Le Pelley with the Conservation Award for the best Conservation Project in 2014

Living Streets wins the ICCI Best Conservation Project of 2014

Living Streets has been awarded the top prize in the ICCI Conservation Awards - Best Conservation Project in 2014 for its Baubigny Schools pathway project.  The Baubigny Schools pathway was opened in 2010 after three years of campaigning and fund raising.  It provides a beautiful, safe cross country walk for children going to the Baubigny Schools.   Living Streets negotiated a pathway through an 8 acre vinery site so that children could use the existing footpaths and green lanes and then take a short cut through the vinery site to the back of the Baubigny Schools.  We developed new earth banks to delineate the pathway and installed several gates and fencing to ensure students kept to the pathway and didn't stray into the rest of the vinery.  With the help of school children and Men of the Trees we planted 600 hawthorn saplings and several trees on the earth banks and today they are full of wild flowers.

Initially the children using the path were able to access the schools through one of their back gates, but more recently for logistical reasons that had not been possible so the children were having to walk down the prison road to the Baubigny Road.  This was never ideal and so in January 2013 we met with the schools to try to find an alternative.  The result was developing a footpath around the football pitch and cutting an entrance into the front car park of the schools.  This now enables children to go directly into the front of the schools where they can join their friends.

In  November 2013 we embarked on a major planting programme to enhance the new football pitch path.  Over 2,000 saplings were planted to delineate the new path and to provide shelter from the wind.  The planting programme was designed by Nigel Clarke and Vic Froome and it included trees for a woodland area and an edible orchard.  The vision for the area of land nearest to the car park was for an "outside learning" area that both schools could use for a range of curricular studies.

Many volunteers helped us plant throughout the winter of 2013/14 and we are very grateful to everyone who turned out in sometimes horrible weather to plant the saplings.  In addition the Community Service Team were invaluable in helping us clear areas prior to planting and dig out pampas grass which is endemic in the area. 

The new path around the football pitch now means that residents in the area can use the route through to Admiral Park, which reinstates a route that was lost when the new schools were built.  The Baubigny Schools pathway is now regularly used by children going to school, horse riders, cyclists and members of public.  The schools themselves use the route for various curricular studies including PE, Geography (map reading)  and geocaching (treasure hunts using GPS technology).  The Murier School regularly walks children to the Bowl and St. Peter Port using this beautiful (virtually traffic free) route.  The only traffic that might be encountered is the occasional tractor or vehicle used by the owners of the fields along the route. 

We  didn't expect to win the Conservation Award but we are delighted that all our hard work over the years has finally been acknowledged. 

click here to download a map showing the route of our Baubigny Schools pathway

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David Jackson, Pat Wisher, Deputy Peter Harwood, Tom Le Pelley walk down Les Petites Fontaines L

Walk to Work Week 2014

Living Streets has published its second "Walk to Work" leaflet which aims to encourage commuters living at the top of Town to leave their cars at home and walk to work using the lovely Petites Fontaines.  The leaflets contain information on the benefits of building exercise into your daily routine (like the walk to and from work) and include a sketch map showing our recommended route which takes just 15 minutes to Market Square.  We want commuters to use the back streets of Town rather than walking down the noisy, polluted main roads.

Deputy Peter Harwood, our ex Chief Minister, is a keen walker and lives in King's Road and he very kindly helped us promote the leaflets and hand delivered many of them for us.  We really hope that commuters will seriously consider walking to work in the future.   

click here to download a pdf of the leaflet

Roger Domaille cuts the tape to open the Baubigny Schools pathway extension

Minister for the Environment, Roger Domaille, opens the Baubigny Schools pathway extension

In November 2013 we started to develop a new pathway around the football pitch at St. Sampson's High so that children using our path from the Bouet could enter the school grounds without having to use the Prison Road.  Over the winter we planted 2,000 bare root trees and shrubs to delineate the path and to provide a wind break in one area.  In addition plants and trees nearest the school will provide a woodland and picnic area and an "outside learning" area for the two schools.

On  4th April we officially opened the new route and were joined by everyone who had helped us to get to this stage.  That included most importantly Nigel Clarke and Vic Froome who had designed the planting programme, our main sponsor, Peter Creasey, Joan Ozanne from JLT Insurance representing Green Legacy, who had provided funding for some of the mature trees, and the Community Service team who had helped us throughout the winter prepare the ground for the planting.  St. Sampson's High and Le Murier schools have fully supported the project and some Duke of Edinburgh students had helped with the planting.

Tom Le Pelley and PC Nick Boughay with the banner

Living Streets and Guernsey Police raise awareness of safety around schools

Living Streets has joined up with the Neighbourhood Policing Team to encourage parents to be more considerate when parking near schools.  Living Streets has paid for two new banners with a clear message: NO PARKING; NO WAITING; NO EXCUSES.  The banners will be moved around the island to various problem areas.  The first location is the Vale School where parents not only park on the footpath but also on yellow lines outside the school.  This makes it very dangerous for parents and children trying to walk to school. Illegal parking carries a fine of £70 and the Police are intending to take a zero tolerance approach to those who break the law. 

Living Streets is also working with the Head, Gary Hind, to try to encourage more car sharing and to help the school develop "walking buses".  In addition we are intending to provide information to parents as to where they can park safely a short walking distance from the schools. A map pinpointing where pupils live will also be used to help with the development of a Schools Travel Plan.

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Planting a tree - Michelle Bromley and students

Launch of the Baubigny Schools pathway extension and enhancement programme

Living Streets has been working closely with the Education Department and the schools to develop an extension to the Baubigny Schools pathway which will allow children to walk directly into the car park via a new pathway around the football pitch.  On Monday 9th December we launched the new pathway together with an ambitious planting scheme which will enable the schools to use the adjacent area for an outside learning area.

When we first opened the Baubigny Schools pathway in 2010 access into the school buildings was through the schools' back gate.  More recently, however, owing to logistical problems, children have had to use the Prison Road - which was not ideal.  The new pathway means that the end of the walk will be much safer for the children and they will be able to join their friends in the car park.

Nigel Clarke helps children plant a tree

Nigel Clarke of Queux Patio and Vic Froome of La Societe Guernesiaise have designed an exciting planting scheme which will not only delineate the pathway but also enhance the whole area.  More than 3,000 trees and shrubs will be planted between now and next February.  The vision for the section nearest the car park is for an "outside learning/picnic area" which is consistent with Ofsted best practices.  The plants and trees will provide opportunities to teach all curriculum subjects as well a providing an edible orchard for humans and wildlife.

School children and staff from both St. Sampson's High and Le Murier came out to help Living Streets and its partners  start the planting programme. 

Living Streets has undertaken to finance the costs of the plants and trees and are looking for sponsors.  So far 50% of the costs of the planting scheme have been generously supported by Tony Creasey from the Marks & Spencer Plastic Bag fund.

If anyone can help us, please contact Pat Wisher on 268088 or patwisher@cwgsy.net

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Tom Le Pelley, Val Rowland and Pat Wisher with a Guernsey Postie

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Walk to Work Week  13th May 2013

Living Streets Guernsey LBG took advantage of Walk to Work Week by introducing a leaflet for St. Martin's residents to encourage them to walk through the lanes behind St. Martin's Church to Town.  The leaflet included a sketch map to show commuters the quickest route to Trinity Square.  It also gave information on the benefits of building regular exercise into your daily route.  The position of bus stops were shown in case commuters wished to take the bus home rather than walk up the hill.  Guernsey Post very kindly agreed to deliver around 2,500 leaflets to homes in the parish and to some in St. Peter Port adjacent to our suggested route.

This leaflet is the first of several that Living Streets will be developing in a bid to encourage more islanders to ditch the sole drive to work in favour of walking, cycling or jogging.

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Living Streets provides two lunch time walks for Weight Wise Week 2013

Living Streets has provided a sketch map with two walks - one 30 minute and one 50 minute - for staff at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital to enjoy in their lunch hour as part of Weight Wise Week in January.  Both walks start and finish at the Corbinerie exit and they take staff through the nearby lanes and Ruettes Tranquilles.

We would like to thank Coast Media for giving us permission to develop the sketch map based on Perry's guide. 

click here to download the weight wise map and pictures

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Active Travel Strategy

Living Streets has put forward an Active Travel Strategy to the Environment Department for them to consider when designing their new Transport Strategy.

We feel strongly that we need to increase the level of walking (and cycling) in the island - by children and by islanders when they travel to work.  To do this we feel we need much more investment in safer walking and cycling routes. 

We want islanders to consider the health and environmental impact of their travel choices.  Congestion around schools during the school run causes frustration and stress for all road users and yet Guernsey is such a small island that most primary school children are within a mile or so of their school - a 20 minute walk.

We want to see Active Travel policies put to the top of the agenda in any new Transport Strategy.  We certainly believe it is equally as important as encouraging islanders to use the bus service.

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Survey report on the unofficial crossing at the Quay

Living Streets has just published the results of a survey on the unofficial crossing at the Quay (known as the Woolies crossing).  This follows yet another complaint about the safety of the crossing in the centre of St. Peter Port.  Living Streets decided on this occasion to observe the crossing over a period of time and to talk to pedestrians about why they were using it and how safe they thought it was.

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Students using the Baubigny pathway

£1,000 grant from the Co-op's EcoFund

Living Streets has been awarded £1,000 from the Channel Islands Co-operative Society's EcoFund - the profits generated from levying a 5p charge for a plastic carrier bag.

Living Streets applied for funding for its Baubigny Schools pathway project.  Each year we need to find funds to pay the annual rent for the section of the pathway which goes along the edge of a private vinery site.  The new route which links up existing footpaths and green lanes and then takes a short cut through the vinery site gives students a beautiful virtually traffic free path to their schools at Baubigny.  Earlier in the year we planted 600 hawthorn saplings and a dozen trees on the new earth banks to encourage wildlife. 

In the application we stressed our new ventures for promoting walking in Guernsey - our annual Tranquillity Walk and our new merchandising project - "Guernsey Country Walks" greeting cards.   As a small charity we have come to realise that we need to be more self sufficient in order sustain the Baubigny pathway for future generations.

The £1,000 donation will now help us develop our new card project so that it can in future provide us with income to continue our work championing the needs of pedestrians in Guernsey.

You feel very vulnerable on the narrow pavement

Disappearing Footpaths
In 2004 we held a meeting highlighting the problems of walking on Guernsey's narrow pavements, particularly where the vegetation has encroached over the years and therefore reduced the width of the pavement.  Pedestrians feel very vulnerable on these pavement and very close to the fast moving traffic.  They are often clipped by wing mirrors.

We recently did a walking audit of the pavement in Cobo Road following a complaint from a resident.  That report is now being widely circulated.  Copies have gone to the Castel Douzaine, the Chair of the Douzaine Council and the Chair of the States Douzaine Liaison group.  Copies have also gone to the PSD and Environment Department. 

At a time when the HSSD department is concerned about the looming cost of treating obesity in the island we really need everyone to work together to ensure that islanders who want to keep healthy by walking can walk safely on our roads and pavements. 

We hope that highlighting this issue again will mean that it will now be tackled and not put in the "too difficult" filing tray.

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Gabriella Kiener-Mosley, Emily Le Sauvage, Ellie Brouard with Dave Nash and Tom Le Pelley

Tranquillity Walk children's Photo Competition winners

Guernsey Photographics sponsored the children's photo competition and provided £20 vouchers for the best photos in three categories:  Best shot of walkers; Best landscape; Best close up of your choice.  In addition Coast Media provided a copy of their new walking guide "The Channel Island Way". The photographs were judged by Brian Green.  No award was made in the first category but instead there were two prize winners in the Best Landscape category.  Winners were as follows:

Best Landscape – joint winners:
Emily Le Sauvage (aged 11)  “Beautiful Castel” and Gabriella Kiener-Mosley (aged 14) "green lane"  
Best close up winner: Ellie Brouard (aged 12)  “Cascading Water”

Congratulations to all three winners for not only providing interesting photos but also for taking up the challenge of the 7 mile country walk.

Walkers climb up from the Talbot Valley

The Living Streets Tranquillity Walk 2011

Despite strong winds at Vazon, 53 people took part in this year's Tranquillity Walk which had been designed by Deputy Tom Le Pelley.  Islanders, tourists (not forgetting three dogs!) walked the 7 mile route around the Castel parish. 

The idea of the walk was to explore the lanes, green lanes and Ruettes Tranquilles in Guernsey's largest parish.  There were eight green lanes - many of which were new to walkers.

The route took us inland from the Vazon coast road through the Grande Mare golf course using a green lane and then onwards towards Kings Mills and the Fauxquets Valley.  Then back down to the Talbot Valley and up again to the Fairfield and Saumarez Park and finally back down to the coast.

This year we introduced a photographic competition for children under 16 with three topics:  walkers, landscape, and close up shots.  Guernsey Photographics has donated three £20 vouchers for the best photograph in each category.  Judging will take part at the end of the month.

We would like thank everyone who supported Living Streets by joining us on the Tranquillity Walk.  All the proceeds will go towards the Baubigny Schools Pathway project - the route that we have developed to enable St. Peter Port children to walk or cycle through the countryside to their schools in Baubigny.

Click here to go to our Tranquillity Walk page

Islanders check out the new cards

Guernsey Country Walks Greeting cards launched

Living Streets Guernsey LBG launched its new range of greeting cards during the Photographic Festival event in the Old Quarter of St. Peter Port on 25th June. 

The greeting cards are intended to celebrate Guernsey's beautiful countryside and, in particular, its Ruettes Tranquilles and green lanes.  Guernsey is well known for its beautiful cliff paths and coastal views but there is also some lovely countryside in the centre of the island.  Living Streets wants to encourage islanders and tourists to explore this lovely area.

The greeting cards depict a country scene on the front and inside there is a sketch map of a walk of about an hour which is linked to a local pub, cafe, restaurant or hotel where walkers can have lunch or stop off for coffee or tea. 

There are nine cards in the series - each one with a different walk.  So far the walks are in the parishes of St. Andrew, St. Pierre du Bois, Castel, Torteval and St. Saviour.

Pat Wisher, who designed the cards, and Val Rowland manned a stall in the Old Quarter to show off the new cards.  Between 2pm and 5pm 212 cards were sold and there were many appreciative comments about the uniqueness of the cards.

The cards cost £1 each and they can be purchased from St. Peter's Post Office, The Coachhouse Gallery, Beekers at the Bridge, Lexicon and The Press Shop in Town, Guernsey Clockmakers at The Little Chapel and in the Guernsey Museums.

Each pub/cafe/hotel/restaurant featured in the cards also will be stocking its own card: Fleur du Jardin Hotel, Bella Luce Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Longfrie Inn, Last Post pub, Auberge du Val Hotel, Guernsey Pearl Centre, Le Chene Hotel.

If you would like more details about the cards please contact Pat Wisher on 01481 268088 or patwisher@cwgsy.net.  There is also a document  that you can download below which will show you each picture and an example of one of the walks.

click here to see our nine designs

Tom Le Pelley and Tony Creasey at the Baubigny Schools Pathway gate

Marks & Spencer continues to back the
Baubigny Schools pathway

The Marks & Spencer Guernsey Franchise has agreed to provide funding towards the rent costs of the Baubigny Schools pathway. 

Tom Le Pelley, Chair of Living Streets Guernsey LBG says:

"Marks & Spencer was one of the first businesses to provide funding towards the development of the pathway in 2009.  We are extremely grateful for their continued support.  They will be covering half of the annual rental costs in 2011 and 2012.  Living Streets hopes to raise the rest of the money through its own fund raising activities"

The building of the pathway and the associated safety measures was funded through donations from local businesses.  Keeping the pathway up and running so that everyone can enjoy using it is Living Streets' next challenge.  This involves paying the private vinery site owner an annual rental for the privilege of taking the pathway along the edge of his 8 acre vinery site.

Tony Creasey, MD of the Marks & Spencer Guernsey Franchise says:

"We are pleased to continue to support Living Streets by helping with the on going costs of the pathway to St. Sampson's High School.  The funding is from the 5p charge for plastic bags in our M&S Simply Food Stores.

Providing a facility that encourages exercise and fresh air through a rural setting is an ideal project for us to allocate the fund.  We have offered support over two years that helps off set the costs of the pathway and gives Living Streets a solid base but will still require them to raise further funds from other sponsorship and public donation."

The pathway gives students (on foot or on their bikes) a virtually traffic free route through the green lung between St. Peter Port and St. Sampson.  Living Streets is very proud of what it has achieved and it now needs to sustain the route for future generations.

For more on the Baubigny Schools Pathway click here

The Houguette "walking bus" from Perelle

Walk to School Week

Houguette School children took part in Walk to School Week this morning (16th May).  Three walking buses converged on the school - one from L'Eree, one from the Coach House Gallery and a third from Perelle walking up Rue L'Arquet.  Sixteen children joined the Rue L'Arquet "bus" and they were joined by three parents and a teacher - Emma Curtis - who organised the walking bus initiative.  Many parents also parked further away from the school and walked the last bit - thus reducing congestion around the school.  The Special Constable controlling the zebra crossing said there had been a marked reduction in vehicles bringing children to school. 

Amherst Primary and St. Andrews Primary are also encouraging their students to walk to school this week.

Police and Living Streets in partnership to educate motorists on the dangers of "pavement surfing"

Nine years of standing up for pedestrians

Living Streets (formerly STEPS) celebrated its ninth birthday at its recent AGM and members voted in Deputy Tom Le Pelley as its new Chair.   

Our guest was Sergeant John Tostevin, the newly appointed Traffic Sergeant who is leading a new Roads Policing Unit.  Sergeant Tostevin has been in the Guernsey Police for 26 years and is passionate about building up the Traffic Section which includes the re-instatement of the motorcycle team - two initially and then another 2 later in the year.  His aim is to police road traffic leglislation in a fair way.  Education is an important part of this.

Accident statistics are crucial to improving safety on the roads - where accidents occur and what causes them.  Sergeant Tostevin will be working closely with the Environment Department's Traffic section in this respect.

Living Streets has worked with the Guernsey Police throughout its nine years of existence and so looks forward to continuing its close contact with the new Roads Policing Unit. 

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Living Streets in Guernsey
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