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Fergus Dunlop & Tom Le Pelley at Grandes Rocques

May Walking Month

This year Living Streets joined up with the Bus Users Group to promote "Stride and Ride" - encouraging commuters to either walk to work or if they lived too far away to walk to their nearest bus stop and take the bus.  It is well known that health professionals recommend we do 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day so what better way than with the journey to and from work.  The bus service these days has been vastly improved and it provides a really useful option as an alternative to walking.  If you live at the top of Town and don't want to walk back up the hill, then there are numerous buses you can take instead.  Moreover CT Plus has recently produced an App which shows you where your bus is so that you can work out when to go down to your bus stop.  We urged everyone to have a go on three consecutive days so that it could become a habit.


Walk to Work Week - May 13th 2013

 Living Streets (Guernsey) has developed a leaflet about the benefits of walking (or cycling) to work which includes a map showing a quick, quiet route from St. Martin's to Trinity Square in Town.  The idea of this initiative is to deliver the leaflets directly into people homes who live in St. Martin's parish and in the vicinity of the route.  We are hoping that people who live in the area and who work in Town might consider a more active way of travelling to work. 

 Guernsey Post has very kindly agreed to do a Door2Door delivery for us during the week of 6th May which is the week before Walk to Work Week.  Headed: "Make your travel to work an opportunity to work out!" the leaflet contains information about the benefits of building exercise into your daily routine.  The map shows a route through the quiet lanes behind St. Martin's Church and the walk to Trinity Square takes just 30 minutes.  The map also pinpoints the position of bus stops in case commuters might wish to take the bus home (or take the bus to work when the weather is inclement).

click here to download a pdf showing our leaflet with the map

2011 - Safety around schools during Road Safety Week - a joint initiative with the Police concentrating, again, on pavement "surfing" around Les Capelles Primary School.


2010-"Pavement surfing" - a joint initiative with the Guernsey Police to clarify the law so that motorists are aware of the correct way to behave when faced with a wide vehicle in a narrow road.

2007/10- Our most recent campaign - to open up a cross country route for students coming from St. Peter Port so that they, too, have the option of walking and cycling safely to the Baubigny Schools.  The new pathway was opened in September 2010 thanks to the help of many Guernsey companies.  Click here for more.

2007/8- Safe routes to the new Baubigny Schools.- we  campaigned  for the one way system and cycle contra flow adjacent to the new school so that St. Sampson's and Vale students could walk and cycle in safety.  We were delighted when the new Environment Department put this in place for the start of the new term in 2008.

2006-"What Price Road Safety?" - proposals for reducing road traffic collisions.  We estimated the cost to our economy of treating road traffic casualties was £11million.   We called for a joined up approach to tackle this issue and recommended the re-introduction of a Road Safety Officer. Click here for more.

2005-"Pavements 4 Pedestrians" - a problem orientated policing initiative with the Guernsey Police to try to stop the practice of parking on the pavements.

2004-"Keeping Guernsey moving-the role of travel plans" - we convened a seminar for HR staff of the CIPD group as a follow up to our Travel Plans Conference in 2003.  Click here for more.

2004-"Rough crossings" we invited islanders to tell us the worst places to cross the road in Guernsey and submitted reports to the Traffic Committee. 

2004-"Disappearing Footpaths" we convened a meeting with the Douzaines to try to tackle the problem of overgrown footpaths.

2003/7-Road Safety Week - We chaired the Road Safety Week Committee - working with the three emergency services and other organisations - in order to highlight a range of road safety issues.  Click here for more.

2003- "A survey of Guernsey's zebra crossings" - a safety check on every zebra crossing in the island and recommendations for improvements. The Traffic Committee accepted our 48 page illustrated report and agreed that there were deficiencies.  Many of our proposals have now been implemented.  Click here for more.

2003- "Making Travel Plans Work" - we invited four eminent speakers from the UK for this one day conference.  Around 80 people took part and we have continued working with organisations and schools to help them develop travel plans in order to reduce congestion around their workplaces.  Click here for more.

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